April 03, 2020

GUESS WHAT???   In 2002, Lyndon "Duke" Hanson and George Boedecker Jr. (both sailing enthusiasts from Colorado) came across a new boating clog produced by a Canadian Company, Foam Creations.   The Quebec company's closed-cell resin allowed the shoe to be lighter than traditional, rubber-soled boat shoes, and becauseit molded to the shape of a person's foot, it was even less likely to slip on a wet boat deck.   In addition, the material absorbed a minimum of odors and the clog design ensured that it was well ventilated.   The two friends brought in a third partner and acquired the rights to the manufacturing process.

THE BEACH:   The Crocs clog made its debut in November 2002 at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show where all 1,000 pairs were snapped up.   The shoe gained converts quickly.   People who spent long hours on their feet, such as restaurant workers and hospital employees, like the softness and the loose fit.   They were less expensive than say, traditional surgical clogs, and they cleaned up nicely in the dishwasher (don't use the drying cycle).   Baby boomers with swollen feet like the way Crocs felt on hardwood floors.   Gardeners dug the fact that you could hose them off.   One year later, Crocs sold 649,000 pairs in one year.

THE MOST POPULAR STYLE:   The enthusiasm for the original Crocs encouraged the company to launch many, many new styles of sandals, children's clogs etc out of the same comfortable and lightweight, slip-resistant, odor-resistant and non-marking Croslite resin.   However, the "Ugly Can be Beautiful" ad campaign which poked fun at the clog's hardly glamorous look and the middle school trend-setters who tripped on the myriad bright colors kept the beach (renamed the CLASSIC) as the Croc of choice for men, women and children of every age.   The CLASSIC has been worn at weddings, graduations, on the boardwalk by models and in almost every other location.   The CLASSIC has been developed with flowers, multiple plain colors,with birds and without the back strap.

BUT... in the present difficult world we are experience, Croc at Work clogs have become the shoe of choice for our health care professionals.   We at Rob McIntosh wish to offer ONLINE 25% off to anyone who works in the health field or who is buying for someone who is helping others.   Neria Pro is the Croc of choice for health workers as it is the clog but without the holes.   All you have to do is go to our website and say "I want to help" and the Croc discount is yours.   Be safe.   Be careful.   Help.

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