May 20, 2020

Everyone is happy- the customers are happy to be out and about, the staff are delighted to be back to work, the owners are breathing a huge sigh of relief and the feeling is amazing.   COVID, while it is a real flu bug, has turned out to be a lot less dangerous than was previously announced so, with caution and politeness, we can start moving away from fear to a lot more exciting stuff.   For those who have never been to our Lancaster location, it consists of 6 acres with 4 buildings -each selling different types of merchandise.  I’ll tell you more about each building as the year progresses.  The retail store excitement at this time of year has for years been Crocs.   But…this year more than ever because everyone is used to going shoeless or just slipping their feet into something comfortable, Crocs have become the shoe of choice.   We decided last year to over-order our Croc Classics in all colours.   This has turned out to be a brilliant decision in that Crocs have not been shipping to Canada and stock is limited most places.   In our main building, we display 1000’s of pairs of the most stylish Crocs at list price.   Across the parking lot, we display 1000’s (maybe not as many 1000’s) of pairs at half price.   Lots of kids on sale which is good considering their feet grow at an outstanding rate.  We had other good decisions but I’ll only bore you with one more (which is so unlike anything we usually do) but… Our second great decision was to stock coloured Face Masks.   These come in packages of 3 and are mixed colours, navy, or white.   We also have packages for children in mixed colours.      This is all for now but…now that I’ve realized that I can babble on about Rob McIntosh, you’re stuck with me.   Always have fun…it’s a great thing to do.

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