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Gourmet du Village

At Gourmet du Village, they make it easy to make homemade. They add the taste to the basics in our customer’s pantry or fridge with their easy to make recipes and products to share with family and friends. Products includes gourmet dip mixes, hot baked dip mixes and chilled dip mixes, gourmet hot chocolate, brie bakers, pulled pork seasonings, burger seasonings, beer can chicken seasonings and so much more!

BBQ & Hot Sauces & Spices

We've got the ultimate way to up your cooking game - high quality BBQ sauces, rubs, and spices! Now you can bring the five-star taste of your favorite restaurant home with you and create mouth-watering meals for your friends and family. Check us out today to experience the best flavours in town! #BBQLove