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CHEMICAL FREE The Most Healthy Way to Clean 

During this COVID lockdown, we have been repeatedly encouraged to sanitize.   Be clean.  Wash your hands.   This is the way to stay healthy.     Years ago, I remember Deepak Chopra (one of the world’s renowned wellness gurus) stating that you should never put anything on your skin (because of the absorption) that you weren’t willing to put in your stomach.    Then, look at the ingredients of many of the products that we regard as cleaners.   Pretty scary stuff.   I wouldn’t put that in my stomach.   Time and time again, I revert to water as the ultimate cleaning solution.  So when we discovered the E-Cloth brand, we knew we had a great product to use for ourselves and for our babies, our children.. for all who want to be healthy.                                                                                   

The tendency of water to grab and hold small particles is among the most powerful forces in nature. It's the force that forms every raindrop and snowflake – and it’s the all-natural “active ingredient” in every E-Cloth product.   Each of their precision-engineered microfiber textiles is designed to unlock this amazing power of water to perform specific cleaning tasks.

We all know that vinegar and baking soda are used as natural cleaners.  There are many and various “green” cleaners one can purchase from grocery stores.  But…up to now in order to get something really clean or to clean something quickly, we resort to using a harsh chemical.   What if the cloth you used had the ability to remove over 99% of bacteria, get dirt and grime off easily, and use just plain water.  E-Cloth products do this.  When you clean a stove top in minutes without any chemicals, you just have to smile and enjoy the moment.   The stove E-Cloth has 2 sides.  One side is striped and the stripes are scrubbers which do not harm your range top. The smooth side is for wiping the surface clean.   All you have to do is add water.   Super cool.   And…this is only one description of one kind of E-Cloth.   Look into this more.   Blow you away!


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