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Crow Canyon- Sustainable Lifestyle Choice

Crow Canyon enamelware. Camping dishes. Unique table settings. Unique dishes. Retro dishes. Splatter dishes. Durable camping dishes.

  Zero-Waste is Beautiful.   

Crow Canyon Enamelware 

You don’t have to choose between sustainability and style. 

Style is obvious.  You just have to see it to understand its unique style.   Its other qualities are a total bonus.   . 

For 38 years, Crow Canyon enamelware has been the worry-free alternative to glass, plastic or paper plates and cups.   It is safer than glass-it's shatterproof.   It can be used on the stovetop (electric or gas), in the oven and dishwasher, and on outdoor grills and barbecues- where plastic can’t.   This enamelware is reusable, more practical than paper goods and better for the environment.   Cook with it, bake in it and serve food safely when you eat on it.   Totally easy to clean.    

Crow Canyon is created by baking a porcelain enamel surface onto high quality steel.   The edges of the items are either rolled or rimmed in stainless steel for extra durability.   Each piece is hand-dipped multiple times-base coat and cover coat.   For the traditional marbelized pattern, a second color is actually ”flicked” on by an artizan using a specially designed brush.   This makes each piece different and collectible.  To cook with Crow Canyon is perfect consistent heat.   NEW at Rob McIntosh.     

 Take a peek at our online collection here.


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