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We're not just about to walk into a new year but a brand new decade, so it's the perfect time for all of us to take a serious look at our lifestyles and make improvements based on what's important to us. 

If you're reading this, we can only assume that the environment is a priority, and reducing single-use plastic may come in at the top of your list. Reducing toxins and food waste may also fall in there somewhere and if so, we salute you.

Beeswax Wrap:  Plastic cling wrap is difficult. It never works like it's supposed to.  It sticks to itself (but NOT the bowl it's supposed to cover??) and one usually bleeds profusely because somehow your finger was sliced open on the box.  Who has heard of Beeswax Wrap?  Beeswax Wrap -Gingham is made from organic cotton, sustainably sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. You can use it to cover bowls or dishes, or to wrap up cheese, sandwiches, or bread. To use, you cover or wrap the item, and then sort of press your hands on it gently for a few seconds to warm the wrap; in a few seconds, it'll sort of melt down and stick to itself (or the bowl).

Stojo Biggie Cup:  The Stojo Biggie Cup features a revolutionary design that combines flexible, food-grade silicone and food-safe, recycled materials resulting in a cup that's collapsible and reusable for drinking on the go.. The very best colours are navy and dark gray.  We love this mug which fits in your pocket.   Completely comes apart to wash thoroughly and is a snap to get back together.  Only 24.99. has .heat sleeve..silicone straw..leak-proof lid...collapses to 4 cm..BPA phthalates or glues...microwave and dishwasher safe..16 oz.

These are only two of our favorites but we at Rob McIntosh really are excited about sustainability.   Many new products which will be arriving soon include Stasher Snack Bags (which can be rewashed, cooked in, etc) and are replacing zip-lock bags -reusable straws-cotton produce bags to take to the grocery- and much more.   This is a New Year and only the beginning of a swelling vision that we can save the planet.   Energetic Collaboration will do it.    Watch for our next article on Chemical Free Cleaning.   My personal favourite.  


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