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Lug bags go Vegan

Lug bags go Vegan


With the desire for more sustainable fashion on the increase (searches are up 75 per cent year on year, according to global fashion search engine Lyst), many brands are looking to vegan-leather alternatives to help follow the sustainability trend.

What exactly is Vegan Leather?  Vegan leather is a material that mimics leather but is created from artificial or plant products instead of animal skins.  It is most often made from two different plastic polymers; polyurethan (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).   The wrinkled look and feel these polymers produce helps give the effect of real leather.   Despite the raw materials being nothing like what goes into real leather product, vegan leather has moved into a front running position over the past few decades with many companies going into that field.

For example:   Lug is a Canadian-run company, founded in 2005 in Toronto by Ami and Jason Richter.  Ami and Jason began their company with a simple goal - to freshen up the luggage retail environment with fun, functional and colorful designs.   In 2006, the now iconic Puddle Jumper bag caught the eye of Oprah and got them featured on the “O” list of Oprah’s “O Magazine”.  This was only the beginning of their success story - which is to be a Canadian brand that includes stylish bags in brilliant colours for every purpose.  Recently, again leading the trend, Lug transitioned some of their best designed bags into vegan leather in totally now colour schemes-olive, amber yellow, sand taupe and always black.    Lug bags become a favourite for influencers and fashion editors alike with many of Lug’s vegan-leather pieces being the most popular.  This brand is a great example of the potential of using a vegan-leather alternative without compromising on style.

There are environmental concerns but it seems that the impact of producing vegan leather is lower than real leather.  (A 2018 study by Kering states that the impact of vegan-leather production can be up to a third lower than real leather.)  

At Rob McIntosh, we do love our leather purses.   And…we also do love our vegan bags.   Fashion is personal.   Have fun with it!


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