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OXO POP (or POPTOPS as we like to say) have Endless Possibilities

The brand OXO designs their products with ergonomics (WHAT is that?) in mind.   This means that they design so that lefties, righties, old people, young people, men, women, large hands and small hands will all be able to find their products easy to use and practical for all.  Again to say it another way, OXO designs problem-solving items that make everyday better, every day.

OXO POPTOPS (OR OXO POP which is the official title) were originally designed to help manage kitchen chaos.  OXO POP, with dry food storage in mind, was designed to keep pantry staples fresh and organized.  POP containers are airtight, stackable, space-efficient and completely dishwasher safe.

One can go on and on about new shapes and sizes, the BPA-free construction, the button you use to open and close, how they can be used for flour, sugar, coffee, cereal, oatmeal grains, pasta and spices and so on but…what is the real story about Pop products.   And…here is what Rob McIntosh believes….

In this chaotic world we presently live in (we are locked down but somehow stressed continuously for time), the special trick to survival is get organized.   When you are organized, there are endless possibilities for what you can do.   (If we are really honest, every one of us just gets frazzled and tosses something in a drawer to do later, shoves something in a closet and plans to come back but doesn’t and I can go on and on).   STOP.   This is the trick.   JUST STOP.   Take a deep breath.   Allocate one day at a time to attack the area that irritates the most.   Then actually spend some money to buy POP containers and start sorting.   At the beginning, empty everything.    Yup…everything.   Then don’t stop until its all in the proper containers.   (Then if you’re like me, you’ll make a vow to never let this happen again …but in reality, we’ll discuss this again next January). 

Pops are great for paperclips and hair ties, cotton balls and paper straws, screws and nails and ..and.. and…OXO keeps bringing out new sizes.   This works when you are shopping-before you leave you can flash look at the levels and then when you’re in the drug store, the grocery store, the hardware store or whatever, you can know how much you need.  

OXO in order to save you from rummaging through your drawers has created a spot to store accessories on the underside of the POP lid-so you’ll never lose that flour scoop again.   New accessories include a rice scoop, a date dial and the already-fan-favorite:  the Brown Sugar Saver.   The brown sugar saver is made from terracotta, a very porous clay, so when it is soaked in water for 15 minutes, the pores hang onto the water and then slowly release the moisture into your hardened brown sugar.   This means easy pouring next time you go to make chocolate chip cookies.   And most of all…SO MUCH LESS STRESS.

Less stress for you is less stress for the world.   This is our wish for all.   Enjoy!!!


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