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Socks for the Homeless-Listen to your Inner Voice

Socks for the Homeless-Listen to your Inner Voice


This is a local story.   Local to SDG.   Summer of 2021 in the middle of a COVID pandemic, Cornwall was home to a Homeless camp on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.   When winter was approaching, the camp had to disband.  It was too cold.  Homelessness is something everyone is aware of but few are willing to talk about even in the mainstream media.   When the story about this homeless camp was written up in the Standard Freeholder, it sparked a discussion at our Rob McIntosh Shop about being Homeless. 

The discussion went like this…One is not homeless by choice.   Do you wake up one morning and think “Oh, I think I’ll become homeless this year.”  No- things happen during one’s life journey and homelessness can be the result.   In a world of wealth and especially in a country that is pretty chilly in the winter, there should be no homeless.  It’s crazy.   But…it is.   Everybody has a story.   And finally…what can be done to help????

Socks are the #1 most requested item by the Homeless.   A simple pair of socks can be a lifeline.   For those who rely on their feet for all transportation, clean socks are crucial.   Sore or blistered feet can get lacerated and infected.  A simple thing like a pair of socks has consequences for 1) Physical Health-poor foot health can lead to gangrene or other illness resulting in amputations.  2)  Mental Health-the people receiving socks need them!  The socks on their feet may be the only pair they have.   Receiving a gift of socks is uplifting and joyous.   And…3) Emotional Health-feeling clean is a gift we take for granted but many homeless struggle every day to achieve this.  

So…with the help of a Toronto sock wholesaler, Rob McIntosh began working with a Cornwall Homeless centre called Centre 105 to collect socks (and hats etc.) but mostly socks to donate to Cornwall Homeless.   To date, with the help of many customers, we are delighted to report that we’ve been able to give Centre 105 and others at least 300 packs of socks to keep our local feet healthy.  

We must never forget that every homeless person is exactly the same as we are, they just have a different story.   Helping is fun for the helper as well.   Lots to learn in life.   2022 could be that year.



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