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Once upon a time 40 years ago, a retail tradition began.  Rob McIntosh opened in Cornwall Square (down the side mall across from a pinball arcade) selling china, crystal and gifts.  Everyone  thought Rob was crazy to take such a big risk-his first store).    Rob’s wife, Barb, said that she would work for him for 3 weeks to get things started.   Guess Who is still here?   Too much fun to leave.   Over the years, Rob McIntosh had 33 stores coast to coast but Rob and Barb never forgot where they came from.   Rob McIntosh was always a big city store with a local smalltown value system.   Following an SDG pattern where tradition is king mixed with an ability to accept change, Rob McIntosh Lancaster has morphed into an exciting up-to-date unique shopping experience.   You have no idea what you will find or at what kind of a great price but you do know that you will have fun.     Of course, we do still sell tabletop (ED Ellen Degeneres dinnerware by Royal Doulton is huge.   You’d love her mugs.)   BUT…so much more. … 

 At the moment, the big exciting trend (being driven a lot by teens even though us old guys like it too) are (yes this is true) Classic Crocs in all colours (electric purple, lemon yellow, tie-die, etc).   Rob McIntosh lucked out by finding out about this NEW (YES NEW) trend early and stocking all colours and sizes.   This summers, for both sexes, demands a new pair of coloured classics.   In the U.S., everywhere students have been buying two pairs (their school colours) and wearing a different colour on each foot.   With or without socks is now the norm (My granddaughters tell me that socks are a must).

Another exciting addition is our bedding in OUR HISTORIC BUILDINGS (we’ll show you where they are and where you won’t believe the quality at the price).  We get daily customer comments about the softness and the fit and how they wash and how they look.    Check the price against Costco and Walmart and you’ll be blown away.   Our lavender pillows and mattress covers have been a huge success.

In this new COVID world racked with fear (mostly media produced), we have ramped up our online store to duplicate what we do in our actual retail location.   We’ve handpicked our best products to showcase on the easy to follow menu (and we’re in the process of researching great bargains to focus for your   Just an FYI- the #1 best (very best) seller is Pimpernel Placemats so we have purchased the domain to make it easier for customers not in our immediate area to find.   (Pretty good for us to figure out don’t you think).  P.S. #2 is Wrendale.

In the end (40 years later) Rob McIntosh wants to make sure that you’re relaxed for time when you visit instore or online because you won’t want to leave without seeing everything.   And…the buildings go on and on and on and on…Full of traditional Rob McIntosh products (crystal bowls, vases, figurines) but also packed with new and exciting UNIQUE SHOPPING EXPERIENCES.  PPS The picture is Rob & Barb with Jamie's 3 sons, Alex, Kieran and Colt from left to right,


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Love all your collection, but would love to see somethings with more coastal.

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