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Tools of the Trade 

 Have you ever tried to get a nail into the wall with a rock because you don’t know where your only hammer is?   (Any real handyman or handywoman would cringe at a question like this.)   I have tried (not being at all handy) and it never works – you can’t get it in, the nail bends, or the nail drops on the floor where you can’t find it etc.   I bet you’re thinking- what is this person going on about?   Well, cooking without the proper tools is much like hammering without a hammer. 

So many things I could talk about to help the busy mother and father, the advanced chef, the hopeless beginner but I’m going to only choose two for now.  

 First and one of our best sellers…Greensaver Activated Carbon System Produce Keepers. Did you know that 25% of the fruits and veggies we buy are thrown away?  Why?   They go bad but why?  Fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gas which speeds up the ripening process.   Also when produce rests against the walls of containers and bags, moisture can build up to cause rotting.   Too much moisture causes fruits and vegetables to rot-too little means wilting.   These produce keepers have the solution. The  elevated basket keeps produce away from the walls to promote airflow.   The sliding vent allows you to regulate humidity levels to stop wilting and keep things crisp.  But…mostly the safe, non-toxic, activated carbon filter absorbs the ethylene gas, slowing down the aging process and keeping produce fresh longer.  Pretty cool, eh?

 Second-a spiralizer.    The best spiral vegetable slicer should do more than just crank out zucchini noodles—it should marry design and function so seamlessly that you find yourself looking for excuses to add spiralized vegetables to every meal.   Top pick is Oxo Good Grips 3 Blade Spiralizer.  The OXO brand has made a name for itself by redefining the standards for common kitchen devices through smart design upgrades—and their spiralizer definitely carries on that tradition. While the basic elements of the OXO apparatus were the same as the other models tested—molded plastic construction, a hand crank, suction cup stabilization, 3 blades—when it came to function, it outperformed every competitor. It was easy to assemble, the base felt sturdier, the suction grip held tighter, the crank held firmly to every sort of produce thrown at it, and it turned more smoothly and with less force.  What's the design tweak that accounts for the improved suction? Rather than one small suction cup at each corner of the base, the OXO model uses a supersized suction cup on the bottom that attaches and releases using a lever and gives a stronger hold.  The OXO blades are sharp and come color-coded, which makes it easy to know which blade you are grabbing for at a glance. A small plastic case is also provided for safely stashing the blades when not in use.   And…you look for excuses to use because it looks so…professional and fun. 


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