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WE ARE OPEN.   Time to open up those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and start having fun again.   Back to retailing as it was in the beginning... It all began in 1979 with a dream of a small retail business which everyone would love because shopping would always be a fun experience.  Rob and Barb McIntosh envisioned a shop where art, practicality, design and surprise would mix with great pricing:   products would come and go... but value-always.   Over 41 years, it hasn't always been easy to accomplish-especially in the last 14 months.   It is old news that the lockdown was hard on retail but luckily the Universe is abundant.   

We are ecstatic to be promoting several new (for us) companies - Lodge, Crow Canyon, Emile Henry, and Edge to name a few.   (Future Blogs).  Today, I'm featuring a great company called 4th Avenue who has FINALLY FOUND FASHION FOAM shoes.   These shoes are called FLOAFERS. They are sexy, practical, comfortable, waterproof and washable.   Floafers mold to your feet so that after an hour of wear, they feel like they totally belong to only you.   And...after you have one pair, you want other colours (lots of colours)  

4th Avenue also has those goofy foam shoes with holes in them which have become so popular during COVID.   These are called JOYBEES.  With the pure joy of many colours, the pillow softness inside the roomy fit, the joybees  "Modern Clogs" have the added advantage of having a velcro strap to make adjustments to differing foot lengths.

Onward and upward.   We all have stories.   We all have to work together to go beyond and see what happens next. 

                                                  Love you all, Barb McIntosh









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